Just like most associations, Erasmus Dance Society consists of multiple committees. Being in a committee offers you a chance to grow, learn, be a big part of EDS and provide your talents to the association. There’s bound to be a committee that fits your needs, so have a quick look below!

Send you applications to bestuur@erasmusdancesociety.nl.


Activity Committee

This is for those in the friend groups that take the initiative to do fun group activities. The activity committee is responsible for most of the events that are organised throughout the year. You get to organise the dance evenings, leisure activities, like ice skating or a BBQ but also the more beloved EDS weekend! And it doesn’t have to stop there! You’re free to organise whatever activities you want. As this year Erasmus Dance Society turns 30, the activity committee will also get to organise some of the lustrum themed activities! So, if you want to give organising a year of fun activities for the dance association a try, this might be a committee for you!


Gala Committee

The gala committee is for those who like to organise bigger events. Quality over quantity. The gala committee is responsible for organising a winter gala and a summer gala. You get to build the galas from the ground up. Choose your theme, location, the workshops, etc. and try to create an unforgettable night of dancing! Though this year the summer gala will be one, big lustrum party. So if you want a hand in organising one of Erasmus Dance Society’s biggest galas, be sure to apply for the gala committee!


Graduation Committee

The work of the graduation committee consists of setting up the dance exam and graduation party at the end of the dancing season. You get to organise an event where dancers get to show off their skills they developed over the year and get graded by a third party. At the end of that, there will also be an afterparty. So if you do feel like being in a committee for organising an activity, but not as consistent as with the other committees, then this might be the one for you. Though do take into consideration: as the graduation committee is only active for the latter part of the year, you’re expected to stay at least for two dancing seasons long.


Promo Committee

In the promo committee you’ll get to create and share promotional content. That means taking pictures at events, creating videos and posters for upcoming events, etc. So if you want to pick up photography or just like taking quality pictures of other people, enjoy video editing or just being creative in general, the promo committee is definitely something for you!

Or do you have some experience in marketing and have ideas on how to present EDS to others through social media? We encourage you to apply too!

Previous experience in software like Vegas, Premier, Illustrator or Photoshop is not mandatory, though definitely a big plus!

Every committee has a chairman. The chairman is basically the boss of the committee, a job for those who like to be in charge. They organise the meetings and are responsible for the committee and their actions.

So, interested? Be sure to e-mail your motivation letter including relevant experience at: bestuur@erasmusdancesociety.nl. If you feel like taking on the role of chairman/chairwoman, be sure to mention that beforehand! Or do you like multiple committees and can’t choose? If you’re brave enough, it’s also possible to do multiple!