Salsa originated in Cuba (with some African influences). The dance style was quickly adopted on the American mainland, where it further developed before coming to Europe. Because of this development, there are many styles of salsa that are still being practiced around the world.

In the Netherlands the Cuban, LA (On1) and New York (On2) style in salsa dancing are most common. At EDS we teach at 3 different levels in LA style: beginners, intermediate and advanced. 

All salsa courses at EDS are on weekly basis and one (academic) year courses. The Salsa Speed Course, in contrast, begins mid-season.


At the beginners lessons the emphasis is on learning the basic steps and some extensions. ‘El Corazón’ (the heart) is very important in the lessons, which means that having fun is priority. When there is time left you will also learn Bachata. The speed of the lessons is accordingly to the group, which means that it won’t go too fast but definitely not too slow either.


At the intermediate lessons you will learn more difficult techniques, but ‘El Corazón’ is still important. Here, as well as in the beginners lessons, we will also dance Bachata and you might also learn the Rueda which is a dance you dance with the whole group. Here, the level and the speed of the course is as well adapted to the group.


The advanced class further extends your dancing repetoire but technique is also very important. This lesson also emphasizes which moves are nice to dance in sequence, which can be useful at a party! Of course, level and speed is adapted to the group.


We have a Salsa Show Team that you can join once a year. They prepare a show and perform it at least once. Members of both intermediate and advanced classes are able to join the show team.

In all the lessons people are encouraged to attend party’s and practice, and often a large group of EDS is going together to these parties!

Get to know your salsa teachers! Isaac and Ramine teach beginner and intermediate salsa, and they will tell you all about the classes.