Erasmus Dance Society (EDS) started in the academic year of 1989-1990 by a group of enthusiastic dancers. This small group organized two Mambo workshops and to their surprise almost 200 students joined them.  This meant one thing foor them: they had to start a dance asociation at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Back then everything was organized with the jazz dancers. Because there already was and still is a jazz dance association called Erasmus Dance Company, Erasmus dance society got called after them.

The 29th of October 1990 is the date on which M. Feberwee registered EDS at the dutch chamber of commerce in Rotterdam. The society started with lessons in ballroom, Latin, classic, jazz and Rock-’n-Roll Dancing and included the occasional Hip Hop workshop. Our very first location was the old scouting building at the kralingse plas and after half a year a different scouting building on the same site. During the first year the advanced students formed a ballroom-dancing-formation, the Erasmus Dance Formation (EDF). At the very first gala that EDS had, they stole the show with their marvelous dance moves. After many performances and a lifespan of three years EDF stopped performing.

During the second year EDS moved to their third location: Imperium, a big disco near the Euromast. people were taught to dance there three evenings a week for two years. These lessons weren’t limited to the regular lessons; Hip Hop, Rock’n Roll and lambada where all lessons to be taught through workshops. The beautiful space we had gave us a chance to organize a lot of beautiful events. This resulted in competitions between our own dancing couples but also inter-association competitions like the Rotterdam Student dancing competition. Because of this we developed good relations with other (student) dancing associations like Footloose in Eindhoven.

Because of the financial position of EDS we had to move to the mensa in the H-building during our fourth year. The downside was that we could only facilitate two evenings a week for dancing lessons. Because of this we had to drop most of our other activities then ballroom and latin dancing. On the other hand, because of the extra time available, we were able to organize more workshops and we could extend our (non-)dancing activities.

For example: EDS joined a WC-game show on dutch television presented by Gordon.

After six years in Etude EDS moved to a new location, the L-hal. Around 2004 the idea of EDF got revived, and a few enthousiastic advanced dancing members formed an EDS performance club. They perform at different venue’s and activities with different choreographs during for example the Eurekaweek and demonstrations like the Rotterdam open podium.

During the past few years many dancers joined the national and european tournaments for dancing students (NTDS and ETDS), and with great succes: many dancers of EDS found themselves with a spot in the finals and even won trophies.

In the meantime EDS has been around for 25 years, and because of our enthusiast group, counting more than 250 members. We still dance with lots of fun and enthusiasm in our latest location in the sports building.