Hip Hop is a cultural movement that started in the 70’s in New York - The Bronx. Hip Hop is mostly famous as a music style, but covers way more than that. Hip Hop is more about a certain lifestyle that contains dance, breakdance, music, rap, beatboxing and graffiti.

Hip Hop is being danced on different kinds of music in which the beat is very important. This can differ from old school rap songs to Top 40 music. Movements are big, explosive and powerful but sometimes also small, artistic and controlled.

To keep the classes varied we will work on a choreography every few weeks or every month. This will be expanded and optimized every class. At least once a year the group will work on a demo that will be performed.

The level is dependent on the group, but after the first couple of trainings you will see that you will grow as a group!

 All Hip Hop courses at EDS are one (academic) year courses and on weekly basis.


In this class, the student will learn the fundamentals of movement in dance. In addition, there will be conditioning exercises, musicality training and an overall introduction of choreographic routines. Dancers with a tiny bit of experience are also welcome in this class.


Intermediate dancers will possess the proper basic knowledge of Hip Hop dance and moves. The intention for the intermediate classes is to teach choreographic routines that more complicated and fast paced.


The advance Hip Hop classes are perfect for those looking for a big challenge, pushing themselves to the next level in their dance life. Fast movements, complex movements, upbeat and intense choreo’s are factors that distinguishes this level with the intermediate classes.

Get to know your hip hop teacher! Dyon teaches beginner to advanced hip hop, and he will tell you all about the classes.