Membership fee

The membership fee is decided upon at the general member meeting by the treasurer of the board.

Important to keep in mind is that, in order to becoming a member of EDS it is required to, also, possess of an Erasmus Sport sports card; see below for more information.

Please note that the following are annual and NOT monthly fees. the membership fee will get deducted from the indicated bank account once at the beginning of the (half) year;

Speed Courses (starting the 22th of January 2018)
Salsa €40.00
Kizomba €40.00
Ballroom €40.00
Hip Hop €30.00
Salsa €60.00
Kizomba €60.00
Ballroom €60.00
Hip Hop €40.00
Non-dancing membership* €15.00
Combined Courses
Ballroom + Salsa €110.00
Ballroom + Kizomba €110.00
Salsa + Kizomba €110.00
Hip Hop + another course €100.00
Ballroom + Salsa + Kizomba €165.00
Ballroom + Salsa + Kizomba + Hip Hop €205.00
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* A non-dancing member is a member of the association, is allowed to vote at the General Meeting and gets discount on the fees of activities, but does not take classes.

Sports card

To become a member of EDS you have to have a valid sports card of Erasmus Sport. You can buy the sports card through Erasmus Sport. Until the 26th of January you can obtain a half year sports card for only €115,- (incl. fitness), which provides free participation in sport activities of all kinds. For more information on the card, take a look at the Erasmus Sport website: