Membership fee

The membership fee is decided upon at the general member meeting by the treasurer of the board.

Dancing membership options:    

Salsa €30.00
Kizomba €25.00
Ballroom €30.00
Hip Hop €20.00
Non-dancing membership* €15.00


The subscription for the Speedcourses is closed. You can't subscribe for the Hip Hop, Ballroom, Salsa and Kizomba lessons anymore. Still you're able to become a non-dancing member for only 15 euros.

*A non-dancing member is a member of the association, is allowed to vote at the General Meeting and gets discount on the fees of activities, but does not take classes.

Sports card

To become a member of EDS you have to have a valid sports card of Erasmus Sport. You can buy the sports card through Erasmus Sport. For more information on the sport card, take a look at this website: