8 Tips on how to dance confidently with a partner.

We will provide you with 8 simple dance tips on how to dance confidently with a partner. You will be able to practice and show off your dance skills outside the dance class or your room in no time. Exciting but also a tiny bit confrontational? Don’t you worry! EDS will help you out with some tips when dancing with a partner at dance events.


                                8 Tips on how to dance confidently with a partner.

Get in the mood!

For males and females, dancing with a partner can differ in experience. However, for both it is advisable to start off with making sure that you are comfortable and ready to DANCE! While being distracted or occupied with other matters but dancing, you might indirectly cause your partner to be off as well. Dancing is a form of expression of energy. So park your thoughts for now, let go and dance the night away!


Body odour?

When dancing with a partner, you want to make sure that there is no sign of bad body odour. Yes! You read it, body odour If you have had a long day, just bring an extra shirt or blouse to dance in. Additionally, try not to eat any garlic or onion saturated dishes beforehand. This might have been the reason for many awkward silences between you and your dance partners in the past.

Wardrobe malfunction

You do not want to wear to tight, short or big clothing   pieces, even though you think you look undeniably attractive in it. A wardrobe malfunction might be a funny story to tell at  a party but once it happens it might take away the fun for the night.


Confidence is Key!

Remember- confidence is key. You might dance with a partner that is better or more comfortable than you, but do not feel threatened by their skills. For the tall ladies, if you are taller than your partner, do not try to look smaller by bending and slouching. This will spoil your posture. As for the shorter ladies, do not try to appear taller than you are by dancing on your toes. By doing this you shorten your steps and cause difficulties following your partner. So just be confident and be you!

Do we drink or not?

On a night out, you might want to have a couple of drinks. But what about alcohol? Be cautious when drinking alcohol. The most fanatical dancers often avoid alcohol because it might influence your concentration, locomotion and judgment. Alcohol and dancing is rounds, are often not a good combination.



Dancer or teacher?

Another thing you definitely do not want to do, is try to be someone’s teachers at a dance event. There is a fine line between correcting something small and actually trying to teach your partner how to dance.  Dance, enjoy and leave the improvement points to the teacher.

 Let go of control

This one is for the ladies! We know it is hard sometimes to follow, yet you should let go of control during dancing. The word itself says it all ‘follow’. The intention here is that you follow and do NOT lead. Your partner will take the lead, meaning that you should not have to think about the next steps. During dancing, your partner will also feel the resistance resulting in a laborious dance routine.

Slouching dance partners

This one is for the guys! During dancing do not forget your frame. During partner dancing, a proper frame is essential. With the wrong amount of tension in the arms, shoulders and back, your partner might feel like she is dancing with a sloppy spaghetti strand. By having the right posture, leading will become more easier and makes the dance steps look more flowing and natural.


By following these 8 tips, you will be able to sweep that girl off her feet or impress the guys with your effortless shining moves. Do you agree with these tips or want to add more, be free to leave your tips on our Facebook or Instagram page!


Written by: L.M Ritfeld