Interview: Carmen Mora Crespo

Every couple of weeks we interview someone from EDS. For this one I had the pleasure of talking to Carmen Mora Crespo. This lovely lady is 24 years young, originally from Spain, and came to Rotterdam to study the master International Economics. She started an internship at Unilever, where she now works! Within EDS she is an active member of the showteam and the gala committee, assists in the salsa beginners lessons and takes both the intermediate and advanced salsa lessons! This is her second year as a member.

What do you like most about EDS?

The people that I get to know here, because as I’m living far away from my family they became my family here. And I’m really glad I get to enjoy it because it became an important part of my life.

How did you find EDS?

That’s super funny because I found it out because of Bea in the Eurekaweek 2 years ago. We were walking by the different stands and found this, and we wanted to meet people. I always liked to dance (already danced flamenco in Spain) so this was the perfect match!

Which event did you enjoy the most this year?

Last year I think the events I liked the most were the final gala and the BBQ at the lake. This year the gala of course! I was in the committee that organized it. Also the paintball event, I wasn’t sure about joining, but it was super fun!

What style do you like the most besides salsa?

I can’t choose between salsa, kizomba and bachata. With salsa I go to have fun, bachata is more emotional and kizomba is more connected. I love all three of them so much that I couldn’t pick my favourite.

What is your vision for EDS?

I will like it to grow more because of the showteam. I would love to perform in more places. If EDS was better known we would have more opportunities, but in terms of the number of members I would like to stay as we now are. Now we’re a family. I know everyone from the salsa and kizomba lessons.

What is your favorite salsa song?

I think everyone would say La Gozadera because I always sing it at class, but my favourite song is Flór Palida from Marc Anthony. Because I love the lyrics as I’m one of the few people who can understand the lyrics here and they just make my heart happy.

Who do you nominate for the next interview?

I’m going to nominate Ranford Kenrick Paulina. First of all because he’s my showteam partner, and he made my life a “Hell”, so I want revenge ;) Also because he’s the kizomba teacher, he started only this year and I think he will have a lot of interesting things to say. We should have all the teachers interviewed.