Interview: Debbie de Zeeuw

Every few weeks we interview someone from EDS. This time the questions are directed at Debbie de Zeeuw. This 20 year old Psychology student grew up in Purmerend and tutors in her free time as well as volunteers at a psychiatric institution. In September 2013 she joined EDS for Salsa, and in Januari 2014 she also started Ballroom. For Salsa she has been part of the Showteam for two years, and for Ballroom she had her Silver exam last year. And most of all she is the assistant of all the Salsa lessons! Debbie is also present at almost every Salsa party, and so this interview took place on our way to a party in Delft!

How did you join EDS?

When I went to Rotterdam I didn't know anyone and I wanted to find out what my options were to become a member somewhere. I searched online for all the associations in Rotterdam and that's when I found EDS. In the Eurekaweek I went to the stand and left my email address. In the first lesson I immediately joined!

Which dance style do you like most after Salsa?

I really don't know! I enjoy Bachata, Kizomba, Chacha and Tango very much. So that's very diverse! Depending on the moment it differs what I like to do the most.

What is your favorite dance number?

I don't have a favorite song to be honest. A lot of songs are nice! I do prefer fast salsa songs!

Which party would you want every week?

Wow, that is a difficult question because a lot of them are often already. It would be really nice if Latin College could happen more often. That EDS gets a good reputation for organizing amazing big parties!

What do you like most about assisting?

Ah! I expected this one. To clearly see that people are growing, that if you compare someone at the beginning of the year to them at the end and really see differences. I like the most that I really contributed to their improvement. What I also enjoy is when people just started dancing and then go to their first party.

You were in the board last year. What did you learn?

What I liked most about this year is that normally you just dance and have no idea what is happening at the association outside of the lessons. Now I know how everything works, how it all happens and what you have to do to make sure everything goes as it should go.

Personally it helped me to become more assertive.

A funny thing was that if during a board meeting we had a difference of opinion between the guys and the girls the girls always won because we were in the majority!

Who do you nominate for the next interview?

Carmen, she is in the Showteam and Gala committee and so she is very active within EDS.