Interview: Sebastiaan Kamphuis

Every few weeks we interview someone from EDS. This time I had the pleasure to ask Sebastiaan Kamphuis a couple of questions. Sebastiaan is the assistant in the Silver and Goldstar Ballroom lessons this year, and has assisted several levels over the last years. During the day he works as an internal accounting manager at the tea dealer Van Rees which sells tea by hundreds of kilos at one time to fabricants. He graduated in 2008 at the EUR from Financial Economics after finishing the HBO Bachelor Business Economics. Besides dancing he likes to play computergames, squashing and reading books.

How did you start dancing?

I didn't want to dance at all, but some of my friends started dancing and they got free tickets for dance evenings to bring men because of a shortage. They pushed me so hard that even my parents chose their side and I gave in. During the first year I didn't like it that much, but because of a mistake in communication I thought everyone continued to the next year (which wasn't the case) and I enrolled on my own for the second year. I got to know several new people, improved myself and started to enjoy dancing. And I have been dancing for about 16 years now!

How long have you been dancing at EDS?

11 years, a long time! I started at the advanced group, and stayed there for 7 years. After three years of dancing at EDS I became an assistant. When I quit the lessons I kept assisting Miranda.

What do you like most about EDS?

The nice atmosphere, the people. There is just a really nice vibe. I like meeting people who I see improving over time. And if that is partly because of tips I gave that feels really good of course!

What is the biggest difference between when you started at EDS and now?

The biggest difference is that I don't have lessons myself anymore, and that salsa has grown so much. The emphasis is less and less on Ballroom, but I don't mind that at all. Ballroom has had its years of being the face of EDS, and now it's up to salsa!

What do you look forward to the most for the rest of this year?

The dancing exam! I really enjoy when people show their newly learned steps. It really is something to look forward to each year.

What is the group you like to assist the most?

Goldstar, because you can do more advanced steps and improvise. And because you know the people longer you have nicer contact with them.

What is your favorite style?

Between Ballroom and Latin I choose Ballroom! And specifically the Slow Waltz. There is really nice music for it, and you can put your feeling in it the best. 

Who do you nominate for the next interview?

Debbie, she did Ballroom last year, was in the board and currently assists at every salsa lesson. Isn't that reason enough?