Erasmus Drinking Society?

On the 19th of February, the drinks committee organized a special activity. The cocktail workshop was the start of a beautiful night. Every one was really excited and nobody knew exactly what to expect from the workshop. The night started with a brief explanation of the history of cocktails to get the ultimate feeling and to get us all a little bit more into it. Every one was just waiting for the story to be over so that we could start shaking the cocktails.

The bartender first showed us how to make a Manhattan cocktail. That was also the strongest one that we tasted. There was not a lot of shaking going on with that one. Every one took a sip and we continued with the Mai Tai cocktail. That was sweeter and gave you a little bit of the vacation feeling. The Pornstar martini was the last one and that had a hell of a taste. So sweet and creamy. Just for everyone to know there is no martini in it, it’s just because it’s in a martini glass. After the bartender showed us how to make these three drinks we could finally stand behind the bar ourselves and shake our cocktails. It was a great night and in the end I would say most of the attendants would make great bartenders.

- Kian Elmi Anaraki -