Workshops during the winter stop

Ladies styling workshop

During the winterstop the board organized a few workshops to provide the members some nights of dancing! The first workshop to be given was Salsa Ladies Styling. Our beloved Soraida was the teacher and she started with a good warming up to loosen those hips and explain the right way of moving your body. After a lot of clumsy movements (I also definitely did a lot of movements wrong) we were able to get the attitude right and we could move on to the second part of the workshop: a choreography! Every step came together with the necessary explanation to how your arms and hands could be used best to accentuate the right things and after a couple of rehearsals the choreography was learned. A lot of practicing with a lot of laughter led to a workshop where everyone ended with a lot more confidence to how they could own the styling! It was a fun and informative night where everyone learned a lot!

Afro Dance workshop

At the second workshop of the trilogy it was time to let yourself go in the Afro Dance style. The music you heard when entering the room made you already very happy and when you saw the teachers have so much fun you knew: this couldn't go wrong. With a lot of energy and enthusiasm Jean Pierre and Jacqueline started with the warming up and after a short while everyone could follow all the steps. The choreography taught was full of fun elements that everyone could enjoy. One of the things I enjoyed the most was the improvisation circle at the end of the workshop where everyone was encouraged to show their own moves and where the teachers showed once more that Afro Dance is awesome and can be performed almost anywhere at anytime! The people attending the gala the next day can confirm that the steps at the spontaneous group performance were one ball of energy!

Hiphop workshop

The last workshop to be given before the lessons started again was hiphop. This dance style is already a class at Erasmus Sport so this evening was definitely a nice way to find out what the sports building has to offer us! Barbara started with a warming up where we soon discovered that our posture was not right for a hiphopper so we had to change that! After a physical (and definitely a mental) adjustment for this we could proceed to the choreography which Barbara made for us. Especially the body roll and the flexible arm movements were a challenge, but that also led to many hilarious moments. The fast music and the smooth steps didn't make it easy but they certainly led to a feeling of pride when we finally were able to do them!