Winter Gala - The night of charming James Bonds and dashing Bond girls

This year, the annual winter gala was themed 007 Casino Royale. Inspired from the Daniel Craig starring James Bond movie, Casino Royale, the committee left no stone unturned to make us feel like a part of the movie.

The event was organized in a club as classy as Mr. Bond- My Kech. The club was transformed into a casino like setting, with playing-cards’ models, fake cash and poker chips. Going with the theme, the dress code was black, white and red. It was no surprise that all the girls were dressed in stunning dresses, gowns and high heels, and boys in formals and tuxedos. The casino atmosphere was well complemented with the Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba music. The DJs were our very own ballroom teacher Miranda, and salsa classmate Jairo. They kept the tunes lively and made sure everyone got on the dance floor and moved their hips with the music. The dancefloor was occasionally taken over by vibrant Ruedas.

The prom committee had also organized some nice snacks and free drinks to keep our energy levels high. Subsequently, the energy level on the dance floor never went down. Towards the end, all the guests came together for an Afro-dance led by Ranford and Jacqueline.

When 100-something people groove in sync, the sight is spectacular. 

I personally knew this event was going to be a success when I read the invitation.

“Come on & put your stylish black/white/red clothes on. Because you only live twice… so RSVP before you die another day and let us know if only the man with the golden gun could keep you away or if you are shaken but not stirred enough to come”

Well, dear Prom committee, you organized a spectacular party which left us with beautiful memories. And as you know, Diamonds Are Forever, so are EDS’ memories. We are totally looking forward to the next gala. We will Die Another Day, but not miss it.

From EDS With Love.