Interview: Ranford Paulina

Mistura Movement

Mistura Movement

Every couple of weeks we interview someone from EDS. This time I have the honor of eating at the McDonald’s with none less than our own Kizomba teacher Ranford Paulina. This 22 year old guy from Curacao started in 2012 with Salsa lessons at EDS when he came to Rotterdam to study Business Administration and Fiscal Law at the EUR. In September 2013 he started dancing Kizomba. He has done this at many places, among which DançAmore, in Spain, at big international workshops and for a while now he is a part of the student showteam from Mistura Movement.

How was your first year as a teacher?

Challenging but a lot of fun. Challenging because you can dance something very well but to be able to explain why you do things you need to think about it. To teach a move takes extra effort, you cant just show it.

What did you like the most?

To see them grow. Seeing people coming in who couldn’t dance and at the end of the year make your jaw drop.

What made you start giving classes?

One year before at the end people came to me in the Salsa lessons with Kizomba questions. I really liked explaining and giving new moves. After that I was approached with news that they wanted to start a Kizomba course and asked if I wanted to be the teacher. That’s when I started looking for a dance partner and I found Lyanne.

What is the best thing EDS can do the coming year?

Community feeling wise it was touching to see at the dance exam how much we became a team. The most members of Kizomba also dance Salsa, and there it is the same. What I would like the most is to also have this connection with Ballroom. And of course this year Hiphop as well, to really create a full community.

What is your favorite song?

J&MC - Cara Podre

It has a nice beat, I had been searching for the song title for too long. Then I went to Salsa Madhouse and they played the song. I stopped my dance partner to go to the DJ and ask for the title.

What do you like most about EDS?

The fact that we are a family and do a lot of stuff together. When you’re new in Rotterdam you really need to join a student association to make new friends. EDS is a great option, without the mandatory introduction. If you don’t want such introduction, but still want a tight bond this is the best alternative.

How did you join EDS?

When I came to Rotterdam I knew I wanted to start Salsa and Zouk. I saw EDS at the Eurekaweek and it was an automatic yes. We started at the Caroussel of the L-building. Where people are passing through now is where we used to dance.