Interview: Marciano Raiman


Every couple of weeks we interview someone from EDS, and this time it was the teacher of Salsa Beginners & Intermediate: Marciano! Marciano is 22 years young and studies mathematics. At EDS he was PR officer of the 23rd board and since September 2014 he is one of our beloved salsa teachers. A couple years ago he started dancing salsa but very secretly he started to prefer bachata and now he is an excited member of the Bachata Passion show group.

When are you going to buy normal dancing shoes? 

Olivier asked this question right? No? Hmm okay. These are normal dancing shoes! My style is very distinct and I believe you have to be able to express yourself.

What is your favorite salsa song?

A Puro Dolor - Son By Four

That is such a nice song. It really tells a story, it starts calm and gets more and more energetic. Love it!

You're a math teacher as well, have you learned things there for in the salsa lessons?

I teach at a special education school to students with different kinds of behavioral problems. For them it is really important that they have structure in their lessons, like knowing exactly what they have to do and when they finish.

I try to also use this in the salsa lessons. What they will learn, what we will do in the lesson and what we expect at the end of a lesson. I don't think of myself as a strict teacher, and I think the students agree with me.

What are your plans for the future?

I wanted to open a kitesurf school for a while, but that has changed to starting my own Bed & Breakfast. I love to cook and I might be able to combine this with travelling!

Which student do you find most annoying?

I don't really have annoying students, I do have a lot of real socially involved people at the lessons. By that I mean: they are really good at making the lesson a tea party. This goes on the entire lesson, they're really talented at that. 

What do you like most about teaching?

Seeing the group grow, certainly on an individual aspect. Especially someone who starts at zero or someone who struggles a lot to see them doing it. Thinking out of the box with improving the lessons, for instance the blindfolding. I have a new exercise for leading and following, but of course that will stay a surprise for now!

My goal at the lessons of EDS is to transfer enthusiasm. Most of them have never danced before. You can't give a lesson that doesn't make them excited about the dance.

Do you feel that a year in the board has made you grow?

I loved my board year together with Violette, Jeroen and Bryan. They have really become friends to me and I hope we will stay friends for a long time.

A board year improves you communicatively and organizationally. I don't think that without the board year I would have become the teacher.

 Did you improve your communicative skills that much?

Communication itself was not the main problem, more the timing of communication. I know that of myself and I am really open about that.

I do honestly think that I have become better at communicating compared to previous years. I seek contact with the board, members, pretty much everyone now.

What are you looking forward to the most this year?

The dancing exam! I am curious for how they will do it this year. And the show of EDS!

Who do you nominate for the next interview?

I nominate Miranda, our Ballroom/Latin teacher. This way the members of the other styles will get to know her as well.