So Salsa! party in Delft

On Friday November 20th there was a big party at our sister dance association SoSalsa! in Delft. Because the board thought it would be nice to go with a large group they made a deal with SoSalsa! for discount. The expectations were definitely exceeded with almost 60 responses on the FB post!

With a large group of members we took the train to Delft. When we arrived at the party the room was immediately completely crowded because of us! The liveband was playing some nice tunes, but the DJ was also able to get everybody dancing with his music.

Unfortunately we had to leave before the end because the night train was not perfectly aligned with our schedule of the party (that is really too bad, NS!). With all the remaining EDS’ers we were still partying at the Delft station and in the train! A complete night of dancing makes you hungry so we ended with over 20 people in a little diner that could barely keep all of us in for capacity. This resulted in a very hungry chairman being the very last person to be served even though he ordered as one of the first. Looking back on it, it was an incredible night you wouldn’t want to have missed!