Interview: Emiel Suzuki

The second member to be interviewed is Emiel Suzuki. Emiel is a new member of EDS but has been an active one from the start! This student Economics and Law (of which he prefers law) already did a board year at JFR. He felt something was missing and wanted to learn how to dance, but had no idea what kind he would like.

How did you find EDS?
I visit the sportsbuilding regularly, and so I knew there was an association at the EUR. I already had the sportspass so this was easy. I saw Angela during the promoting on campus and the promo looked very nice! I did both the Ballroom and Salsa introduction lessons. Because at Salsa there are more opportunities of going to parties I preferred that. That’s why I’m in the Beginner lesson there!

What other sports have you done until now?
Judo, running and fitness. Dancing is a basic skill, as a man you have to be able to dance. I did not have any sense of rhythm and I wanted to learn that and I always enjoyed watching other people dance.

How did it happen that you are going to fix the website?
I wanted to become an active member because I didn’t know anyone at EDS and I wasn’t good at dancing so I wanted to learn to know people. Fellow committee members encourage you to stay active and come to the lessons. I like to build websites, and the gala seemed like fun. Because I know how to do things like websites I was asked to build a new one next to being in the gala committee. The new website will be easy for the board to use and it looks great!

What can we expect of you the coming year?
I want to learn Kizomba so I will at least come to the intro lesson of the speedcourse. There will be a very nice winter gala, Casino Royale -everyone: come!-, and at the end of the year the big gala. Of course I will keep coming to the lessons!

What do you like most about EDS until now?
The lessons, and the night we went to Delft with such a large group. We have to do such things more often, going to a party with everyone!

Who do you nominate for the next interview?
Marciano, I think many people will like to know a little more about him.