EDS Weekend

For us, the Activity Committee 2014-2015, the most important and exciting event to be organized was, hands down, the EDS Weekend 2015. With every successful dance evening or group outing that we organized, expectations for this weekend started sky rocketing. But we were determined to fulfil every expectation held by us and the members of EDS.


As soon as the summer sun rose, we started planning the weekend. The dates, location, events during the weekend, budget, food schedule, shopping list; the preparation required was endless. With our enthusiasm undying, our imagination ran wild. Before finalizing our theme Flower Power, we considered approximately 7 to 8 other themes such as Greeks vs Romans and Olympics. It was no easy task. However, our biggest worry while planning was the unpredictable weather- the villain in every Dutch person’s life. Most of our planned events were outdoors, making the weather the most crucial factor for success. That made the planning even more complicated as we needed a back-up for every event we planned. We were ecstatic when we saw clear skies as the weather forecast for the chosen dates and started off with our promotions. The response we got in the first week was tremendous. Our level of excitement just rose with every subscriber. After receiving about 30 subscribers, we hit the stores to buy everything we needed to make this the best EDS weekend till date. With all the decorations and food, we reached the venue. I fondly remember how each one of us kept looking out of window anticipating the arrival of our guests.

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