Dynamic first weeks

As we have promoted lots of times, Monday September 14th we started with the new lessons at EDS. On Monday we had Gold and Bronze to kick off with their first lessons. After a fun lesson for Gold of repeating steps of last year the first lesson for beginners started. A packed room full of people were excited to start with complete new dances for them. Miranda and her assistent Sebastiaan used everything they had to make the first lesson fun but also instructive. The group was definitely interested and we have all faith in an active and enthousiastic new Bronze group!

Tuesday started with Silver. This lesson was also very well visited, especially by current members who did Bronze or the speed course Bronze last year. Stories about holidays were exchanged, but there was definitely lots of dancing! For the Goldstar group after Silver it was hard working from the start to keep the level up, but the spirit was there!


On Wednesday the advanced Salsa dancers were able to put all their energy in new steps and techniques of our new teacher Jonathan. The lesson Advanced On2 started with an introduction to dancing on the second count, which was a bit of adaptation for most of the people. At On1 the complicated steps were introduced quick and soon some heated faces showed up. The first Showteam practice was a fact and started real nice by practicing a dip immediately!

Unfortunately we heard the news on Thursday that the lessons that day had to be cancelled. The University had decided together with the mayor to provide shelter for refugees in the Sportsbuilding and it was too late to find an alternative location for the lessons. This meant that we had to reschedule the lessons for a week later.

Exactly one week later we could finally have our first Salsa Beginners and Intermediate lessons! With a large number of expected visitors it was a small puzzle to find a location and manage logistically, but in the end the evening was a blast. With 3 full beginners shifts and 1 intermediate shift it was a busy but nice evening. A lot of registrations came in directly so Salsa will also be starting with a large Beginner group.

On Friday September 25 the last new course of this year started: Kizomba! At both the Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 lesson a lot of excited people showed up and it was a fun and energetic lesson!

All together we have full confidence that all lessons will turn out to be great!